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The Southern Voices is a coalition of climate networks and partners in the Global South, supported by a Consortium of Danish development NGOs - all engaged in promoting pro-poor climate policies locally and globally.

The project is coordinated through three regional facilitators from southern partner NGOs, and the Secretariat in Copenhagen hosted by CARE Danmark.


The current Southern Voices on Adaptation project - initiated in 2014 - supports 14 partner networks from Asia, Africa and Latin America in developing and testing the Joint Principles for Adaptation as a benchmark for good national adaptation policies.

The Southern Voices dates back to COP15 in Copenhagen and has been strengthening partner networks in the Global South to advocate for climate change policies, nationally and globally, benefiting poor and vulnerable people.

The Danish development NGOs behind the program have provided capacity building and flexible funding to Southern climate policy networks with funding from the Danish Ministry of foreign Affairs until end 2014.


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The Southern Vocies supports networks across Asia, Africa and Latin America

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Regional Facilitators

Three regional facilitators ensure cross-learning and knowledge-sharing between the networks

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The Consortium consists of three Danish NGOs
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The secretariat

The Secretariat is hosted by CARE Denmark, Copenhagen
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