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AB screenshotSeveral issues were raised by the Advisory Board prior to the partner workshop in Nairobi

  • Can the Joint Principles for Adaptation (JPA ) inform the preparation of INDC's by Governments prior to COP21?
  • Can the ecosystems perspective be integrated in the JPA?
  • How to can one assess Southern Voices networks' ability to influence government policies?

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SV-Adapt Advisory Board meeting
On the 8th of April, SV-Adapt Advisory Board held a teleconference.

The meeting was attended by 6 adaptation policy experts from Philippines, El Salvador, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Malawi, as well as the Secretariat and the regional facilitators.

How can civil society go beyond friendly ministries?
Most SV-Adapt partner networks have established connections within the government. 

However, only few of them have so far promoted the all the principles of the JPA to government. This was the observation made by the SV-Adapt Secretariat, based on the stocktaking of progress made.

In many countries, it is still a real challenge to reach out to actors from the most powerful ministries.

To face this issue, several Board members (from Vietnam, El Salvador and Philippines) suggested that partner networks could involve themselves in the INDC national preparations towards COP21.

Every country will submit the "Intended Nationally Determined Contributions". Very often governments will involve stakeholders from the civil society to participate in this process.
This provides a concrete opportunity for having national adaptation commitments included in the COP21 commitments.

Ecosystems approach and Mother Earth to be considered
Networks in Nicaragua and Vietnam have suggested incorporating the ecosystems approach in the Joint Principles, and the Bolivian network proposed to refer to Mother Earth.

The Advisory Board members engaged in the discussion – and concluded that it was important to determine if these elements can complement the present very bottom-up-perspective of the JPA, which focuses on the role and the involvement of local communities.

A focus on Nature is relevant for poor people who are very dependent on natural resources. This discussion will be continued in Nairobi where the JPA will be updated in a version 2.0.

Consulting governments in the SV-review?
The objective of the Southern Voices on Adaptation is to influence national adaptation policies in pro-poor direction by using the JPA as a tool.

Against this background, it was suggested during the Advisory Board meeting that it can be relevant to consult government colleagues on their view about of the relevance and usefulness of the JPA advocacy.

It was decided to consider this as an opportunity in the mid-term review of the SV-Adapt project.

This was the first meeting allowing the Advisory Board to comment on progress made by the SVA network partners. The issues raised will be further explored by the SVA-Coordination group at the Nairobi workshop on the 22nd- 23rd of April.

The SV-Adapt Advisory Board

The Board members have been nominated among key stakeholders with great expertise on adaptation policy issues in the South.

Their remit is to provide support and advise on the JPA, as well as on its application and its promotion.

Terms of Reference

Board Members:
• Mr Sosthen Chiotha, Ph.D., Malawi, Regional Programme Director, Southern and Eastern Africa, LEAD
• Ms. Jessica Dator-Bercilla, Philippines, Senior Advocacy and Policy Officer for Asia, Christian Aid
• Mr. Arivudai Nambi, Ph.D, India, Strategy Head Vulnerability and Adaptation, World Resources Institute,
• Ms. Yvette Aguilar, El Salvador, Climate Change Advisor, Friedrich Ebert Foundation
• Mr Koos Neefjes, Policy Advisor Climate Change, UNDP Vietnam, (Dutch nationality)
• Mr. Aarjan Dixit, Nepal, Regional on Climate Change Coordinator for Asia, CARE International
• Mr. Emmanuel Seck, Programme Manager, ENDA, Senegal

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