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Six short videos, shot at a partner workshop in Nairobi, April 2015, present examples on how Southern Voices networks use the Joint Principles for Adaptation (JPA) in their national contexts. The JPA is a benchmark developed  by civil society organisations from across the world to promote pro-poor national adaptation policies.
MALAWI: Climate-weather information should reach local communities

“In Malawi we are using Principle G in our efforts to influence the design of Malawis meteorological policy…the challenge is to ensure that local communities get useful climate-weather information”.


(Heather Maseko from CISONECC, Malawi)

Principle G

 Plans and policies respond to evidence of the current and future    manifestations and impacts of climate change

VIETNAM: Balance between Infrastructure and Capacity Building

”Our message to the government .. is that capacity building of local authorities and communities on how to adapt to climate change is also very crucial… we showed them evidence from the grass-root level…”


(Yen Nguyen from Climate Change Working Group (CCWG), Vietnam)

Principle F

  There is appropriate investment in the building of skills and capacities,
  as well as in physical infrastructure


GHANA: Promoting the Gender Perspective

"The existing climate policy has a section on gender... we have used that as a tool to show that this gender perspective is further promoted in the adaptation strategy" …” We have been able to talk to the Ministry, …but are yet to engage with the parliamentarians..”


(Gertrude Owusu from ABANTU, Ghana)

Principle E3

  Initiatives take into account the differentiated needs and capacities
  of women and men


EL SALVADOR: Participation and inclusion in adaptation policies


“How can we guarantee that government and policy makers implement participation and inclusion… at the moment when they are doing consultations on adaptation policies:”


(Francisco Soto Monterrosa from the Salvadoran Roundtable on Climate Change)

Principle A

  The formulation, implementation and monitoring is participatory
  and inclusive.


SRI LANKA: Monitoring the progress of the Principles 

“It is not a very difficult Principle to advocate for, however I think the challenge in Sri Lanka is to monitor the progress of the Principle”


(Navam Niles from Janathakshan, Sri Lanka)

Principle F

  There is appropriate investment in the building of skills and capacities, 
  as well as in physical infrastructure.

GUATAMALA: Promoting the perspectives of indigenous peoples.
“It is a very important Principle, but sometimes I think we need to take the principles and criteria especially from the indigenous peoples”

(Yeshing Juliana Upún Yos from Asociación Sotz’il, Guatamala)

Principle D

  Local adaptation plans are developed through approaches
  that build the resilience of communities and ecosystems  



Videos shot during workshop in Nairobi April 2015 

The representatives were interviewed during the Southern Voices workshop in April 2015 in Nairobi. In the workshop the partner networks had the opportunity to present and discuss their work and experiences with the Joint Principles for Adaptation. The workshop showed that the JPA are being used in much broader ways than originally planned.

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