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The Southern Voices on Adaptation is the most recent project within a longer-term programme supporting southern civil society organisations in climate change policy advocacy. The programme began around COP15 with an initial focus on strengthening southern civil society's role at international climate negotiations. Nevertheless, the development of the programme eventually encompassed all levels of policy advocacy, finally arriving with a greater emphasis on the national level. 

In the two initial phases, the project was supported through DANIDA and implemented through the Climate Capacity Consortium comprising of The Danish 92 Group, CARE Danmark, DanChurchAid, IBISOxfam, Sustainable Energy, CAN International, and IIED.

From 2014-onward the project has enjoyed continued support through DANIDA, while being part of a consortium that includes DanChurchAid and IBISOxfam, with Care Danmark acting as the lead organisation and hosting the secretariat in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Previous phases of the Southern Voices programme:

 2014-Present: Southern Voices on Adaptation

Supporting civil society organisations, the Southern Voices programme specialises on the issue of climate change adaptation, principally at the national level. The key approach of the project promotes capacity-building, advocacy, and expertise exchange across the national, regional, and international level. The project's first phase spanned 2014-2017 but has continued onward, principally as a learning platform for adaptation advocacy, under Care Denmark's climate change programme alongside SV-Adapt's consortium partners, DanChurchAid and IBISOxfam.  

Key documents:

 Read more about the 2014-2017 phase of the project here.


2011-2014: Southern Voices Capacity Building programme (Southern Voices on Climate Change)

Consolidating the civil society mobilisation around COP15, the Southern Voices Capacity Building programme supported some 20 national, regional, and thematic climate policy networks. Capacity-building for advocacy on climate policies at the national, regional, and international level – with a thematic focus on adaptation, REDD+ and forests, as well as sustainable energy, were all supported.

Key documents:


2008-10: A stronger southern voice in climate negotiations

This phase of the programme focused on engaging southern civil society organisations in the international climate negotiations up to COP15 and beyond, through capacity-building, awareness raising, and participation in the UNFCCC process. The Danish 92 Group was the lead agency.

Key documents:


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